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VIR Valvoindustria Ing. Rizzio S.p.A

VIR S.p.A. was established in Italy in
1971 by Savino Rizzio and is now an
international company with offices in 3
continents: in Europe, with its historical
headquarters in the town of Valduggia,
Northern Italy (with 3 separate sites : the
production, the warehouse and the foundry
together with the plastic division); in
North America with Red-White Valve
Corp.; in Asia with its plant in Taizhou and
its sales office in Shanghai, and in the
Middle East with the Dubai office and
More than 40 years of presence in the
market, together with the creation of a
new logistic centre in the town of Valduggia
in 2001, have made the VIR Group an
extremely competitive company, close to
its customers' needs and able to handle
short-time deliveries and shipping, even
of small quantities.



Range: 1/2" up to 1"

VIR EzConnect kits are a new and flexible solution specifically designed to install HVAC terminal units such as fan coils, heat exchangers and so on. They allow a simplified terminal unit maintenance, permitting its disassembly without having to empty the entire system.

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Range: 1/4" up to 4"

VIR brass ball valves, synonyms of quality and reliability, represent a complete offer suitable for many different kinds of applications; our valve range includes tested and certified valves in PN25 and PN40 versions, in all dimensions and thread norms up to 4". The range is also completed by stem extension kits, memory stops and locking leavers.

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Range: 1/4" up to 24"

VIR offers a range of strainer and foot valves suitable for this task.

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Range:1/2" up to 24"

Balancing valves ensure an ideal flow rate and load balancing in the Hydronic systems. Balancing valves support the HVAC system's response to both the designer's as well as the customer's expectation.

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Range: 1 1/4" up to 24"

VIR's butterfly valve range includes valves for heating and air conditioning applications, valves for drinking water and corrosive fluids with NBR seat for fluids aggressive to EPDM)

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Flexible Joints and Air Vents

Range: 1/2" up to 24"

VIR product range is completed by a selection of joints and air vents.

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Range:1/2" up to 12"

VIR dynamic balancing valves keep the flow constant at a preset value. Balancing is made automatically, without any need for external tuning, even after eventual modifications in the system's layout.

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Gate, Globe and Check Valves

Range: 1/2" up to 24"

VIR offers different models of metal seat valves, both in brass and bronze, ideal for irrigation systems. Cast iron and ductile iron valves (soft sealed gate valves and globe valves) complete VIR's range suitable for heating systems.

VIR also offers a wide selection of check valves in a rich assortment of materials and types.

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