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We have the know-how you need.


PTC offers effective HVACR [Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration] solutions. PTC provides different contracting services of residential, commercial and industrial HVACR.

PTC operates as one of the largest services departments in Egypt, supplying, installing, commissioning, and maintenance of full air conditioning and refrigerating systems along with supplying and selling spare parts.


Message from the Founder of PTC

We at PTC work together as one team, with one goal. My role as a leader of the team is to always strive and push the PTC family forward. Keeping pace with time and technology is not a task for sleepers but instead for those who work day and night to provide the company with the best output possible. Evolving is not just selling more HVACR systems or working on larger projects, it is providing all the services, after care and spare parts of every single HVACR system out there. Success is balance; therefore, my main aim is to balance PTC in a manner that all the customers, workers and myself feel confident about our work and machinery.



Provide effective, quality HVACR solutions to residential, commercial and industrial zones.


To be recognized as the most efficient, updated, Customer Care Team of engineers and technicians in the HVACR field. Extending our borders of services to the entire MENA region.


Insure highest Customer Satisfaction by meeting all our customers’ needs. To continuously inspire and Develop our sta­ff to guarantee highest of Quality and Professionalism in all aspects of our company. Maintaining our strong Leadership as a company of services in our day to day updated field.


We Monitor all our workflow; ensure the outcome meet the quality set by our standers.


Our standardized safety regulations are well applied into each of our workers with no exceptions.


Healthy workers are equal to productive individuals; we care about our worker needs and states, just as we care about quality deliverance.


We are eco-conscious with certain green standers applied to our workers minimizing the unnecessary impact to the surrounding environment